Trust in Pultron, because these companies do:

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“Many of our customers are leaders in their chosen field, looking for an ‘edge’ in competitive markets – so their challenges are often unique. We bring a wealth of composite knowledge from other projects to help solve new challenges on a regular basis.”
Pete Renshaw
Business Development Director

How We Work  

Our mission is to provide our partners with world-class R&D solutions to meet their unique challenges. At the heart of everything we do is that same customer focus. We get to know their business, their challenges, what keeps them up at night, and in so doing we create long-term partnerships built on trust, knowledge and understanding. 

Live, Think, Breathe Innovation  

Being a world leader in composites means we never rest on our laurels. We keep innovating every day. Why is this important to you? Through ongoing product development we know from experience we can deliver reduced pricing, faster production and improved performance by:

  • optimizing resin formulations
  • increasing mechanical performance
  • automating manual processes
  • additional customized quality assurance practices
  • improvement in tailored equipment design.

When you succeed we succeed – and a long-term partnership is born.

Our Partners 

Our customers come from a range of industries and are often leaders in their field of expertise. We work with:

  • start-ups with a commercially viable product they want to develop
  • industry leaders or those developing into industry leaders
  • companies that want to have a unique advantage over their competitors
  • large and small scale OEMs reliant on the superior performance FRP composites can deliver
  • companies needing niche/specialty solutions.