The Challenge

The cost of corrosion to the economy and ratepayer is ongoing. The impact on society and the environment is also a price to pay. Corrosion affects the safety and reliability of its application – leading to ongoing maintenance, repairs, and, ultimately a shortened life cycle. With a long and costly history of corrosion worldwide, steel is no longer viewed as a cost-effective option in aggressive environments.

Our Solution

Mateenbar™ was developed at Pultron by a team with decades of product development experience in construction, mining, and infrastructure composites. Possessing a deep understanding of these industries, the team developed a fiberglass rebar to meet the highest standards required by leading engineering bodies and transportation departments worldwide.

Glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) rebar provides a massive leap forward in how corrosion issues in infrastructure and extended life cycles can be addressed. The lightweight nature of the GFRP rebar makes it cheaper to transport and is proven to be quicker and easier to install, resulting in less worker fatigue. It is ideal for use in challenging and corrosive environments. Mateenbar advantages include:

  • corrosion-free
  • high chemical resistance
  • 100-year design life-cycle
  • lightweight
  • high tensile strength
  • non-electromagnetic. 

The Success of MateenbarConcrete Reinforcement

To date, it has been used in over 1000 projects worldwide including roads, aluminum smelters, tunnels, and bridges. A company in its own right, Mateenbar Ltd has manufacturing units in the USA, NZ, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. 

Mateenbar has met GFRP rebar design standards set by CSA, ASTM, ACI, and AASHTO. 

Introducing MateenbarBends

Pultron developed a technology to manufacture Mateenbar™ bends, offering all types of bends, stirrups, and hoops. Using bespoke bends technology, we can quickly prepare a wide range of shapes to meet project timeframes. To date, over 10,000 kilometers of Mateenbar™ bends have been made in our Dubai Mateenbar factory for projects worldwide including:

The protective seawall of the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai where 1500 wave energy dissipating SHED units were constructed with Mateenbar™ bends set in concrete cast SHED cubes.

The Jizan Flood Mitigation Channel in Saudi Arabia. Mateenbar Ltd was the primary supplier of GFRP rebar to the largest GFRP rebar project in the world to date. 

Diaphragm walls for the Grand Paris Express, Line 15 South in France. Mateenbar and bends were used to allow for the tunnel boring machine to cut through easily without delay.

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“Traditional corrosion mitigation efforts center on delaying the symptoms rather than curing the disease.”
Professor Antonio Nanni
Chair of the Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering, University of Miami