The Challenge

Stainless steel is expensive and steel corrodes quickly in marine environments, polluting the water. A marina environment also suffers continual movement from the tide and the wake of boat traffic, both of which put a huge strain on any construction materials.

Our Solution

We worked with Bellingham Marine to develop a GFRP thru-rod and nut system that would be stronger than steel, lightweight and much longer-lasting. Customized CNC grinder technology was developed to add an accurate thread to the rods, including a self-locking nut for minimal maintenance. Resistance to both creep and fatigue were major advantages of this GFRP innovation, reducing maintenance and associated costs, as well as having zero impact on the environment with no rust or chemicals entering the waterways. The end result for Bellingham was probably the biggest innovation in marina design in 25 years.

The FRP thru-rod and nut system is a patented technology.