World-leading technology for customized pultrusion and finishing

We currently use over 50 finishing technologies, the majority of which are Pultron designed and engineered – many being world-firsts

We manufacture, assemble, quality test, and manage logistics for all of our pultrusion products for delivery to customers worldwide.

Our manufacturing units are constantly evolving to put in innovative and sustainable processes. We adopt LEAN technology principals to produce high quality products and minimize waste. We operate with the highest standards of health and safety.

All our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified.

Engineering world-class technology

With decades of experience at the coalface of manufacturing, our engineering team designs and builds our pultrusion and specialized equipment, so we can easily add improvements and run a comprehensive maintenance program.

Our extensive engineering program and facilities have helped develop world-leading technology that delivers seamless production and increased output. 

Pultrusion Manufacturing

Our pultrusion unit is run by a team of technicians who have an in-depth understanding of the pultrusion process. When it comes to product testing and trialing, our team has decades of experience that is invaluable when producing bespoke pultrusion components. They work directly with the Composite Materials Research and Quality Assurance teams to deliver products to the highest standards.

Pultrusion Finishing and Assembly

We currently use over 50 finishing technologies. Specialized finishing and customized profiles are designed by our product development team including:

  • unique shapes
  • surface finishes
  • delivering a bespoke combination of properties
  • engineering new finishing technologies
  • modifying resin formulations
  • designing hybrid pultrusion techniques
  • applying end terminators
  • automated testing
  • UV coating.