Quality Assurance

Our quality aspiration is to provide value, performance and exceptional customer experience

A dependable supplier of consistent quality

As a critical parts manufacturer, excellent processes and quality control is practised in every aspect of Pultron. 

Building quality into the end-user experience is mission critical.

Every year, we perform over 250,000 conformance test and run 'in-process' conformance quality checks hourly at each manufacturing facility.

We have a discerning approach to our supply chain, having developed long term relationships with critical material suppliers. In some cases, we will only purchase from a specific site. We check incoming raw materials to ensure quality from the outset.

In-house construction of quality testing technology has given us scope to perform consistent and regular testing. This step enables us to assess and resolve faults quickly, to meet delivery times and specifications. Testing is done ‘in-process’ and includes the following methods:

The Composite Materials Research (CMR) laboratory is dedicated to research and development, yet also serves a critical quality control function – batch testing incoming raw materials before they are approved for production, and ensuring pultrusion processing settings are optimized to achieve optimum product performance. The CMR laboratory is responsible for post-production testing and certification of all critical products before they are sent to our clients.

Differential Scanning Calarimetor (DSC) and Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA) are essential tests for all composite manufacturers to measure glass transition temperature (tg) and full cure checks. If full cure is not achieved, it can lead to early failures and breakage through loss of mechanical properties. Product specific testing is carried out to meet performance specifications.

Delivering a quality end-user experience

Bespoke composites require comprehensive quality management programmes, designed to suit the product. Understanding the end-user is vital in assessing risk and designing test procedures in line with life-cycle, expectation and performance.

To meet this challenge, our quality assessment steps include:

  • understanding standards in products where safety and performance is determined by codes and approvals
  • defining and setting appropriate quality goals relating to functionality, performance and cost
  • developing proprietary testing on new applications with a 3x standard deviation either side of the standard quality required
  • designing and building bespoke testing equipment for products where a high risk of injury or failure is present
  • working with our Chief Technical Officer and Research team to advise, substantiate decision making and any design changes
  • keep the lines of communication open in assessing technical improvements.

ISO9001 2018

Pultron has been ISO-Certified for 26 years – since 1993. We welcome audits from our customers. We have been audited and approved by Saudi Aramco, Siemens, Ministry of Transport Ontario and Florida Department of Transport, to name a few.


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