Quality Matters

Our quality aspiration is to provide value, performance and an exceptional customer experience

As a critical parts manufacturer, detailed quality control programs are practised in every aspect of our business.

Every year, our production team performs over 250,000 conformance tests.

Comprehensive testing at our on-site laboratory

The Composite Materials Research (CMR) laboratory serves a critical quality control function. The CMR team is responsible for post-production testing of all raw materials and certification of all critical products. Having a CMR laboratory on-site allows us to carry out testing and quality processes without long delays and costs from outsourcing.

We are equipped to run the Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) and Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA) test to measure glass transition temperature (Tg) and ensuring cure. Both are a critical measure for any pultrusion manufacturer. If a full cure is not achieved, it can lead to early failures and breakage through a loss of mechanical properties. Product-specific testing is carried out to meet performance specifications.

We run a range of other testing methods ‘in-process’ to provide consistent quality:

Bespoke Equipment and Testing

We often develop unique testing methods specific to customer requirements. This is a part of our product development to achieve consistent quality, distinctive to each customer.

In-house construction of quality testing technology has given us the scope to perform consistent and regular testing. This step enables us to assess and resolve faults quickly, ensuring the downstream supply chain is not affected.

Ensuring a top quality supply chain and redundancy of supply

We have a well-established and trusted supply chain as part of our quality program. We build long-term relationships with critical suppliers. Our quality assessment steps include:

  • understanding standards in products where safety and performance are determined by codes and approvals
  • defining and setting appropriate quality goals relating to functionality, performance, and cost
  • designing and building bespoke testing equipment for products where a high risk of injury or failure is present.

Pultron has been ISO-Certified, since 1993.