Product development

We have a long standing reputation for success in innovation and industry firsts

Our expertise makes us different

We have a multi-disciplinary approach to product development. Our Composite Materials Research (CMR) laboratory and Engineering Design teams include a blend of design and process engineers, quality managers, research and development technicians, PLC programmers, die technicians, and polymer chemists. It has proven to be a powerful combination in providing bespoke solutions to complex challenges.

All have worked across multiple industries including defense, infrastructure, marine, transport, and recreation. They are adept at understanding unique industries and coming up with innovative solutions.

We work to deliver high-performance GFRP composite solutions by:

  • advancing mechanical and thermo-mechanical performance
  • customizing, low-cost, high-speed, post-processing operations
  • enabling consistent mass production of high-quality finished products
  • delivering on-going product development and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Advanced performance through research

The establishment of our CMR laboratory in 2010, combines pultrusion and materials research, quality assurance, and product development. Pultron’s CMR laboratory has a consistent program of research – supported by our experienced in-house team, who contribute regularly towards academic publications, product standards, and design codes.

The Research and Development team delivers:

  • the highest level of quality management using advanced testing equipment
  • the optimized bespoke resin formulation
  • design and development pultrusion process technology
  • collaboration with our partners to improve product performance.

As well as serving Pultron customers, the CMR laboratory is often called upon to perform tests for an external client including America’s Cup challengers: Team New Zealand, Allinghi, Oracle and Luna Rosa.

Ongoing product development

We supply critical components to businesses in competitive industries, where delivery, leading technology and performance are essential. Composite performance and research are continually developing to meet a growing market. We are committed to continued product development for our partners.

By gaining an in-depth knowledge of product performance, we take a considered approach toward product improvements. From optimizing formulations to increase mechanical performance to automating manufacturing processes to be cost-effective – the result is to keep our clients, at the leading edge of technology.

Pultron's engineering capability is fully integrated into its R&D function and works closely with its commercial arm to create new products and create custom solutions.