GFRP composites in the farming and agriculture sector

Every savings in productivity, time, and labor can have a big impact on the bottom line. GFRP composites offer distinct advantages when compared to traditional materials like steel, timber, and PVC including:

  • lightweight (lighter than aluminum)
  • easy to cut and install
  • highly chemical resistant
  • highly durable (100 years retention of strength in corrosive environments).

When these qualities are matched with customized properties such as high flex and fatigue, or tailored modulus of elasticity or stiffness, we can develop a component fit-for-purpose that will need no maintenance and is lighter to transport. 

Developing custom fiberglass components with novel technology

We engineer properties in GFRP composites to deliver the best results for a specific application and environment. In the agriculture sector, some popular finishing technologies we use include:

  • UV coating
  • drilling
  • add-on components.

GFRP composites design saves time and increases productivity

The grape harvester rod project demonstrates how small improvements to a composite profile can deliver improved productivity, reduced operation and maintenance expenses, and superior harvesting results.