Pultrusions in the defense sector

composite pirate fencing

Anti-pirate fencing

The material properties of GFRP pultrusions are well-suited to defense and military applications. Our ability to customize pultrusions, add complex post-processing and deliver within timeframes has been a major advantage for our defense customers.

We have supplied GFRP pultrusions to defense agencies for several projects including:

  • Anti-pirate fencing using high strength GFRP rods for naval ships being deployed in the Gulf of Aden. 
  • Mateenbar™ GFRP rebar and Mateendowel™ is used on air force bases for aircraft compass calibration pads. This eliminates the risk of interference with sensitive aircraft equipment
  • Mateenbar™ GFRP rebar is used in fords through dried up river beds in Afghanistan (images above). Such choke-points are prime locations for terrorists to plant IED’s (improvised explosive devices), and the non-electromagnetic properties of Mateenbar allow minesweepers to check for IEDs before any personnel passes over the ford.