Pultrusions in the infrastructure sector

GFRP products are seen as the future of infrastructure, offering a corrosion-free and long-lasting solution in aggressive environments.

Infrastructure owners and government departments have a renewed focus on sustainability and whole-of-life saving. This is driving a growing shift towards the use of glass fibre-reinforced polymer (GFRP) products in place of traditional materials such as steel and timber.

Our work in this sector started 25 years ago with the initial development of GFRP rebar and GFRP mining rock bolts. These products gave us the research foundations to further develop products for the infrastructure industry including thermal pins, dowels, and high-performance rebar.GFRP pultrusions are ideal for many infrastructure applications. They are corrosion-free, highly durable, lightweight, and non-conductive. They will not rust or cause concrete spalling, thus extending the asset life-cycle.

As part of the development of these products, we have developed complex grinding technology and automated finishing processes to improve efficiencies and increase our production capacity.

Mateenbar™ is the leader in durable rebar

One of our great successes is the development of Mateenbar™ GFRP rebar. Mateenbar™ has been used in over 1000 projects worldwide and has approvals from leading transportation departments and multinational companies, including the Ontario Department of Transportation and Saudi Aramco. Today, Mateenbar Limited is a successful company in its own right with multiple manufacturing sites worldwide.

With the infrastructure industry looking closely at whole-of-life savings and sustainability, GFRP products are seen as the future of infrastructure, particularly in aggressive environments where steel is prone to corrosion.

To learn more about Mateenbar products, visit mateenbar.com.

Our products have been used in infrastructure projects worldwide:

  • Dowels are used extensively in concrete jointed roads and underpasses. Mateendowel™, a product in the Mateenbar™ range, was used in the Rotterdam Port upgrade and Interstate Highway 84 in Idaho, USA.
  • Mateenbar™ is used in concrete casting blocks to strengthen the seawall of the iconic, Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
  • GFRP thermal pins are used in buildings worldwide. They provide excellent thermal installation, a major bonus for energy-efficient buildings.