Pultrusions in the mining sector

We collaborated with the world's leading mining experts to produce GFRP rock bolts. The GFRP rock bolts are designed to displace steel and wood as they provide improved safety, strength, and cuttability.

The rock bolts we designed have exceeded standards with ultra-high thread tolerances and resistance to shock loading often referred to as localized seismic activity.  Our work in this sector spans over 30 years.

The evolution of GFRP Rockbolts

GFRP rockbolts with complex finishing

Rockbolts are used in coal mine tunnels to reinforce wall strata and provide stability when excavating the tunnel. Using steel rock bolts comes with a high safety risk. Steel is strong but not cuttable. Miners have to put themselves at risk to remove the rock bolts which are reinforcing the tunnel, using heavy machinery, so they can proceed with the job. This work is slow and carries significant safety risks when the wall stabilization is removed.

Mining projects include:

  • Development of various rock bolts for mines
  • Development of hollow rock bolts for specialist applications
  • Development of a self-drilling rock bolt for coal mines.