Pultrusions in the recreation sector

Recreation and sports have been early adopters of the technological advances of pultrusions. The expectations of the end-user for equipment to be high performing is driven companies to invest in the ongoing development of their products to keep ahead of the competition. Where timber, steel, aluminum are no longer seen as the best material to provide performance. With advances in pultrusion technology in the last few decades GFRP pultrusions we can now provide highly-customized solutions to meet a range of criteria including:

  • durability
  • high flexural and fatigue performance
  • lightweight and;
  • excellent price-performance ratio.

Windsurfers, trampolines, snowmobiles, and yachts all operate in different conditions, yet are all under excessive amounts of strain, varied continuous movement, high levels of usage, and often extreme environmental conditions. The flexural and fatigue resistance and ultra-high strength of customized GFRP pultrusions have displaced steel, aluminum, and other traditional materials in many products. The lightweight nature of GFRP pultrusions provides a competitive advantage in many sporting applications.

GFRP properties ideal for recreation applications

We have developed products for the recreation sector. These often require complex finishing operations to create parts that work in conjunction with other materials. The pultrusions have both high strength and high glass transition temperature (Tg).

Recreation projects we've developed include:

  • Hexagonal rods with complex finishing for competitive windsurfing battens
  • Overmoulding technology to attach the pultruded components with a high strength bond.
  • Quality testing equipment designed and built to mimic the product application in an accelerated manner, testing high levels of flexural and fatigue resistance
  • Composite materials testing for the America's Cup challengers: Team New Zealand, Allinghi, Oracle, and Luna Rosa.