Pultrusions in the utilities sector

Watercare, wastewater treatment, electrical supply, and communication technology are seeing the benefits of choosing glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) pultrusions.

Safety is the No.1 priority for all equipment and products used in the electrical industry. GFRP pultrusions are non-conductive making them safe for workers to install and repair. Many electrical products that originally used aluminum or timber are being displaced with pultrusions such as power poles, work platforms, and ladders. 

We have developed several products in the utilities sector including:

  • mass production of optic fiber cable strength cores
  • internal components for water care systems
  • bubble matrix baseplates for sewage treatment plants.

Pultruded components are lightweight – a major advantage in the sector that needs to transport products over long distances and often use manpower for installations.

We have developed products and components for the utility sector with the added enhancements of high shear strength, customized quality testing, and complex finishing.