Sustainable farming essentials

A farming innovation company wanted to produce an electric fencing system that could be driven over easily, without damage from a quad bike. This product is integral to their grazing management system where gazing cells are set up with fencing using composite posts.

Using highly flex and fatigue resistant GFRP pultrusions meant posts would spring back to their original form when driven over – this would not be possible with timber, steel, or traditional materials.

Award-winning design

A highly flexible composite rod is a critical component of this awarded design. The rods are coated with a thick UV-resistant paint as a finish for durability and to elongate lifespan. 

Criteria achieved:

  • Very high flex and fatigue resistant
  • High modulus strength
  • UV coating technology
  • Automated/low cost customized finishing technology

Major timesaver for farmers

Eliminating the need for gates saves farmers time and cost. The fencing system gives extra freedom to farmers by being able to shift stock faster and easier. Based on average usage, they have a life-cycle of 40 years.