Energy Storage Spring Technology


The connection between the trampoline and the mat utilized an injection molded ball. This proved unreliable, with low pull-off strength. The GFRP round rod needed to be anchored into a steel tube via a polypropylene head.

Criteria that needed to be met included:

High Pull-off strength

Flexural and fatigue strength.

High speed, low cost solution

We designed and developed a new finishing technology that molded the polypropylene ball directly onto the end of the rod at high speed and low cost. The pull-off strength with this process was improved by 20 times. This enabled entry in the US market, due to quality and safety being assured.

Post-development increased life-cycle

Mass production of a critical component using advancing finishing technology resulted in an overall improvement in life-cycle and performance. Internally developed technology 4x lower than outsourcing and 2x faster.