Post-earthquake State Highway Repair

KAIKOURA, NEW ZEALAND – In November 2016, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand.

The greatest impact was around the town of Kaikoura, which was completely cut-off, with significant damage to State Highway 1 – the most critical North-South road in New Zealand, and the Coastal Pacific rail line.

Kaikoura relies on tourism for the town’s survival, so repair to the road and rail infrastructure was a project of national significance. It is the largest repair to the New Zealand road network in 75 years.

State Highway 1 and the Coastal Pacific rail line, hug the coast for much of the journey around Kaikoura. Rugged and exposed to the elements, the conditions made corrosion and durability of reinforcement a major concern.

A legacy of corrosion-free infrastructure for Kaikoura

To accelerate the speed of repair, pre-cast concrete blocks were used. To address the durability problems of a coastal environment, the blocks were reinforced with mateenbar™, then anchored in place with a combination of mateenbar™ and GFRP bolts.

The use of mateenbar™ reinforcement products will ensure maximum longevity for this asset which is so critically important to the people of Kaikoura.

Key Details


State Highway 1 Repair, Kaikoura


Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand




North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR)


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Seismic Repair and strengthening
  • Time critical
  • Long life-cycle in an aggressive environment