Seawall strengthening the iconic Burj Al Arab

Key Details


Seawall strengthening the Burj Al Arab


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Mateenbar™ bends in pre-cast concrete


Jumeirah Group


CH2M Hill




  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Salt water resistant
  • Life cycle of over 50 years


The Burj Al Arab is the iconic 7-star hotel located on a man-made island in Dubai.

The reinforcement of 1,500 SHED concrete armor units protecting the Burj Al Arab was required as part of their maintenance programme.

In the 20 years since the Burj Al Arab island was constructed, advances in corrosion resistant construction materials have become available, with mateenbar leading the way.

The Burj Al Arab island is protected by an existing layer of wave energy dissipating SHED units. Design studies found multiple benefits in using mateenbar™ in 1,500 SHED units in the three layers of the tidal zone. They will ensure that the long term durability and corresponding aesthetic quality of the main island is retained.

Alternative proposals were considered and deemed unsuitable by the design consultant, Atkins. These included black steel reinforcement (limited durability), epoxy coated steel (reliability issues), galvanized steel (reliability and environmental issues) and stainless steel reinforcement (increased cost). Mateenbar™ was the rebar material of choice, due to its proven durability in an active, marine environment. It also offered the best whole-of-life savings.

Less maintenance, Longer life cycle

To achieve the minimum 50-year service life requirement, Atkins recommended the use of mateenbar™ to reinforce the 1.5m high SHED cubes.

Mateenbar™ has given Jumeriah Group the ability to extend the structural life and realize long-term capital and operational cost savings.