Pioneered the hexagonal composite yacht and windsurfing batten

We were tasked with improving the performance of sail battens used in competitive sailing and windsurfing.

New shape, superior flex

In 1992, working alongside the world’s leading sailmakers, we developed a hexagonal rod shape. The new shape was significantly lighter and more flexible, allowing the sail to perform well in steady conditions or with sudden wind gusts. New tapering technology and lacquering techniques were used, giving the design a competitive edge. The flex and fatigue resistant properties designed into the hexagonal rod shape was a key factor in the high performance achieved on the water.

Excellence in composite battens

These sail battens have been used by top-level sportspeople, including windsurfer Barbara Kendall (below), who won Bronze at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The hexagonal-shaped rod is still used by sailors and windsurfers today.

Windsurfer hex rod