Structural pultrusion for all-terrain action

Snowmobile track components face all-terrain, extreme weather conditions and are constantly under strain when traveling over snow and rocks at high speed. With the ability to flex and bend back to shape when under extreme strain, a GFRP solution was the ideal material to replace steel. 

A structural component for snowmobile treads was customized to meet the following criteria:

Very high fatigue resistance under flexural loads

Ultra-high Tg

Ultra-high shear

Fine end-bevelling tolerances.

D-shaped rod with fine-end bevelling

Working closely with the team at Michelin, the team at Pultron developed a D-shaped rod to these specifications with high levels of flexibility. Special finishing included fine end-bevelling at both ends.

A winning formula for snowmobile users

The enhanced GFRP composite rods assist in the delivery of a durable and high performing track with ultra-high Tg and shear strength. New finishing technology allowed for mass production at a low cost.

Hidden from sight in the tread, the structural performance of the rod reduces breakages and maintenance requirements, increases durability, and provides an all-round better user experience.