Our team is committed to our mission, purpose, and values. They have shaped the company we are today and what we do in the future. 

Our Mission

To be the producer of the finest pultruded rods and bars in the world.

Our Purpose

We exist to create lasting material change for our future.

Our Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and they guide us as we work towards our goal of providing exceptional service to our customers and team that works together.

  • Innovation: always look for ways to do it better and smarter.
  • Trust: speak up, be honest, be transparent - treat everyone with integrity.
  • One Team: like all great teams, we know that working together is the key to great success.

Our Customers and Partnerships

Our customers are industry leaders who work with us to deliver products that are cost-effective, high-performing products that are sustainable and set the standard in their respective fields.

Our customer’s success is our success. We have a long-term approach to customer relationships built on trust and communication. We focus on delivering consistency in every aspect from product quality to world-class R&D improvements, without compromising value. 

That's why we build strategic partnerships with our customers, some of which have spanned over 30 years. 

The Pultrusion Industry 

The pultrusion industry is the fastest-growing sub-sector of the entire composites industry. Its potential in a range of industries is being driven by academics, engineers, and industry advocates. The building and infrastructure sectors are driving this growth as engineers are replacing traditional materials with GFRP composites to increase asset lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs.

We know the significance of setting a high-quality standard and educating engineers about GFRP composites in order to support our industry growth. 

We support GFRP composites research by universities which include the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), the University of Miami (USA), and Auckland University (New Zealand).

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