GFRP Composites are Ideal for Marine Applications

Conventional materials (steel and timber) in marine environments are put under enormous pressure from environmental factors including high salinity water, extreme temperatures, water movements leading to the need for increased maintenance or drastically shortened lifespan.

Pultruded composites can provide an ideal material alternative for components and structures in ocean environments offering:

  • corrosion resistance
  • high chemical resistance (including salt, water & chlorides)
  • high tensile strength (2x that of steel)
  • zero maintenance.

World-first Composite Innovation for the Marine Sector

Our GFRP products develop world-first innovations in collaboration with our customers. Many of the composite development we have delivered are patented due to the novel technology. These include the FRP thru-rod system with a self-tightening nut (replacing steel rods) and the FRP composite waler (replacing timber). Both composite profiles are used together to provide marina owners with highly durable marina infrastructure which requires minimal maintenance and looks great.