Traditional materials (steel and timber) in marine environments are put under enormous pressure from environmental factors including high salinity water, extreme temperatures, and water movement.  This can lead to the need for increased maintenance and drastically shortened lifespan.

GFRP Composites Advantages for Marine Applications

Pultruded composites can provide an ideal material alternative for components and structures in ocean environments offering:

  • corrosion resistance
  • high chemical resistance (including salt, water & chlorides)
  • high tensile strength (2x that of steel)
  • zero maintenance.

The FRP composites technology we have developed is providing our customers with leading innovation that is revolutionizing the marine industry. 

Examples of Composite Development Projects for Marine Environments 

GFRP composite development using the pultrusion process can be manufactured with tight tolerances when used as a system component, increase asset life cycles, and reduce expenditure on maintenance.

FRP Thru-rod System with a Self-tightening Nut
This replaced steel rods which would rust and need constant readjusting by the marina owner. The self-tightening nuts' unique design tightens with tidal movement. This award-winning technology has been considered the biggest innovation in the marina sector for the last 25 years.

Pontoon Composite Waler Structural Section

The new and improved waler replaces timber which is prone to rot. The waler is a bespoke shape with ten times the flexural strength of timber, and a custom keyway feature to keep float alignment and reduce shear stress on bolts. 

Dana Point Harbour in California, USA is currently under construction. When finished, it will be the first marina in the US to have Mateenbar™ composite reinforcement installed throughout, along with composite thru-rods, walers, and other structural elements.

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