GFRP Pultruded Composites Developed for Optimal Performance

By using the technology of pultrusion, adjusting resin formulations, or adding a special finish, we are able to push the limits of what is possible, including:

  • increasing flex and fatigue resistance
  • adjusting modulus of elasticity
  • increasing creep resistance.

Our GFRP composite products and pultrusion expertise are used by the best of the best, including windsurfing battens for Olympic competitors and lofting battens for America's Cup challengers.

FRP Composites and Finishing Technology a Winning Combo

Pultruded composites can be engineered to deliver durability, flexural strength, and high-stress loading. But it is our finishing technology, that takes a composite profile to the next level, delivering a high-performance component.

All our products in the sports sector have a combination of finishes and optimized resin formulations to refine performance. For the snowmobile, it is a specialized fine end-bevel to provide a safety edge for the track system to protect the track and stop it from tearing apart from the inside when in use.

For the world’s safest trampoline, the GFRP composite profile has grooves ground into the surface and a polypropylene ball over-molded to create a connection socket. We customized the finishing technology to mold the ball which has improved pull-off strength by 20 times.

Check out the video testimonial where our customer who makes Springfree Trampolines talks about glass-fiber polymer composites, pultrusion, and a partnership that has spanned 18 years.