Mateenbar™ concrete reinforcement is changing the way infrastructure is designed and built in projects across the globe.

The Challenge

Corrosion affects the safety and reliability of structures – this leads to ongoing maintenance, repairs, and, ultimately a shortened life cycle.

To replace steel rebar we needed to develop a composite rebar that could be used in heavy load applications, retain durability in aggressive environments, and be cost-competitive.

Our Solution

Mateenbar™ was developed at Pultron by a team with decades of product development experience in construction, mining, and infrastructure composites. Possessing a deep understanding of these industries, the team developed fiberglass rebar to meet the highest standards required by leading engineering bodies and transportation departments worldwide.



  • Steel and stainless steel rebar.

Composite Profile:

  • Round pultruded GFRP rod with a bespoke surface grind.
  • Bend profiles of standard and complex shapes.


  • Mateenbar™ Bend technology. Engineered for production speed and strength.
  • Mateenbar™ helical grinding technology to maximum strength and concrete bonding.
  • CSA, ASTM, ACI, and AASHTO approved.

Mateenbar™ Advantages

Using Mateenbar™ as an alternative reinforcement to steel eliminates the risk of corrosion and associated costs. As there is no concrete spalling, maintenance and corrosion protection measures are not required. Based on life cycle cost analysis, the use of Mateenbar™ provides competitive prices, zero maintenance, excellent durability, and long design life.

A Commercial Success Story

Mateenbar™ has gone on to remarkable global success. 30 years in the making, Mateenbar™ is a product ahead of its time delivering sustainable infrastructure to communities worldwide.


Interested in learning more about Mateenbar™

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