Breakage of grape harvest rods can occur for a variety of causes. High ambient temperatures, difficult-to-harvest varietals paired with a substandard materials can halt harvest. 

The Challenge

The shaker rod system is the heart of the machine, removing fruit from the vine at a speed of approximately 400-500+ rpm. Constant flex and fatigue cause strain on the rods that often break. Downtime caused by the shaker rod breaking is a costly exercise impacting harvest deadlines, increased labor costs, and lost harvesting time. 

These components are often manufactured in a factory from molded plastic, extruded plastic, or fiberglass (or a combination of the two). If made from low-quality parent material, these materials are prone to weakening, fracture, or splintering.

Our Solution

We worked with our client to develop a high-performance composite polymer rod with a plastic cover secured by a crimp. Harvesters have noticed that while utilizing the upgraded shaker system, the vines appear unharmed, work is completed more quickly, and there are much fewer breakages.

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Composite Profile:

  • Round rod with a plastic crimp.


  • Moulded or extruded plastic or sub-standard fiberglass.


  • High flexural strength while under continuous strain.
  • Better overall performance.
  • Less machine wear.
  • Rod harvest grapes similar to handpicking (the optimal result for winemakers).