Our Composite Technology is Global

Our OEM partners handle go-to-market activities and investments, while we focus on innovation, manufacturing efficiencies, polymer chemistry, R&D, product development, and project management to deliver custom OEM solutions. 
  • Technology transfers to North Carolina (USA) and Dammam (Saudi Arabia). 

  • Supplier to Fortune 500 and Blue Chip companies worldwide.

  • Long-term supply chain partners and redundancy of supply.

Technology Partners in Strategic Locations

With our strategic alliance partner Owens Corning enjoying huge demand, we established Owens Corning Reinforcement Solutions (OCRS) in a 110,000sq.ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina, to support their goal of becoming the global leader in best value/performance GFRP rebar.

In the Middle East, we joined forces with local firm Isam Khairi Kabbani. Working closely with the team in Dammam to deliver customized manufacturing equipment, technical expertise, and R&D for a 90,000sq. ft facility.

Both locations serve their key clients, including Transportation Departments and other large government agencies to build stronger, more durable, and sustainable infrastructure using Mateenbar™, a product whose technology and intellectual property were 100% developed in-house by Pultron Composites in New Zealand.

Where Next?

As we continue to advance composite technology, we’re excited by the huge opportunities that exist for businesses worldwide to harness this innovation, so that they can pass on the benefits to their clients and end-users.