When compared to traditional materials, one of the key benefits of using FRP composites in the manufacture of transportation items is their lightweight. At 1/4 the weight of steel, the use of composites reduces fuel consumption and lower emissions.

GFRP Advantages for Transportation

FRP Pultrusion have a number of advantages sought-after in the transport sector:

  • corrosion-resistance
  • lightweight for fuel efficiency
  • low thermal conductivity
  • high strength.

Examples of Composite Development Projects for Transportation 

GFRP composites are used in all types of transport to gain the benefits of their lightweight and energy efficiency.

Refrigerated Truck Trailers

GFRP composites are utilized in refrigerated trailers for their excellent thermal insulation properties. This enables better temperature control and preservation of perishable goods during transportation.

Powerline Repair Trucks

Production of electrically insulating components for truck mounted elevated work platforms for repair and maintenance of high voltage power lines. The non-conductive properties of composites are safer for workers fixing power lines. Low moisture absorption and a crack-free cross-section were essential in this product to ensure no electrical hazard risk.

Wellington Inner-City Transport System

In 2002, Pultron worked closely with the client to develop a composite pole for the Wellington Trolleybus fleet. The new composite poles would prove much more robust than the traditional steel or aluminum poles, reducing overall maintenance costs for the transport system.

Induction Loops for Light Rail

Detection loops are used by rail and tramway networks to monitor vehicles as they pass over them. They play a critical role in safety and train management to keep trains clear of each other at all times, and by detecting any other vehicles in their path. Mateenbar™ was used for detection loops in locations across Australia, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.

Mateendowel™ for Highways in the USA

GFRP Dowels offer the longest life cycle of all dowel types. We work with transportation agencies in Washington and Idaho, supplying Mateendowel™ for expansion joints.

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