The defence industry has increasingly turned to advanced materials including GFRP pultrusion to enhance the performance and capabilities of military equipment.

GFRP Composites Advantages for Defence

The manufacturing process of GFRP composites allows for intricate and complex shapes, offering designers greater flexibility to optimize the material's properties for specific applications. This adaptability enables the creation of custom defence solutions that align precisely with mission requirements. Other advantages include:

  • Electromagnetic transparency - ideal for areas where sensitive equipment is used
  • High durability
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistance

Examples of Composite Development Projects for Defence

Anti-pirate fencing

In collaboration with a long-standing customer, Pultron developed components for electric fences for cargo ships traveling through dangerous shipping lanes where pirates frequently target medium-sized vessels.

Aircraft Compass Calibration Pad

The non-magnetic properties of GFRP are the optimal material for use where calibration & housing of sensitive electromagnetic equipment is required. 

Riverbed Fords

Mateenbarâ„¢ concrete reinforcement was used by NATO in Afghanistan to construct fords through a dry riverbed. By using a non-metallic composite rebar, NATO was able to run metal detectors to ensure no IEDs were present.  

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