Pultron is a leading solution provider with success in technically difficult or complex GFRP composite projects.

We provide custom and OEM composite solutions often displacing materials such as steel, timber, and aluminum. This is due to the superior longevity, corrosion-resistant and durability of GFRP composites.

Pioneering smart alternatives for structural materials

Our specialty is the design and post-processing of round rods, bars, and small-cavity pultrusions where high mechanical performance properties are required. 

We combine this with highly customized finishing technologies that are high-speed and low-cost. This gives customers a unique and competitive product that benefits their end-users and keeps them at the top of their game in their respective industries.

Our 40-year track record has secured our position as a leading global pultrusion specialist. This is due to the vision of our OEM partners and the team of specialists at Pultron who are committed to innovation.

Unchallenged Expertise in Pultrusion Technology

We have a team of technical experts across a broad spectrum of competencies from polymer chemistry and pultrusion factory technologies, to complex engineering design and advisory services.


In-house Composite Research Center

Our in-house Composite Materials Research (CRM) Lab is a critical function of our services, ensuring our OEM partners have access to leading pultrusion technology, product development, and testing – to ensure the consistent quality of their products.

Continual Product Development and Research Program
We run a program of product development with all OEM composite products. Through this program, we work towards improvements that can reduce pricing, achieve faster production, and improve performance.

Matrix Research
We invest in ongoing research, including working on matrix research. The matrix is the resin that binds fibers together. The strength and overall performance of a product can be enhanced by improving the matrix.

To learn more about our research, visit: Interview: 40 Years of Advancing Pultrusion Technology.

Composite Quality Management Program

We run 18 different quality testing methods. Many of these are specifically designed for our customers to ensure the highest performance and safety standards for their product requirements.

Quality tests we run on all our products include:

Scanning Calorimeter (DSC): to measure resin quality, glass transition temperature (Tg), and check for the full cure of the resin. If a full cure is not achieved, early failures or breakage can occur.

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA): checks for full cure of the resin matrix. It is also used to gather data during the product development process.

Fatigue testing: involves subjecting the composite product to repeated cyclic loading to assess its durability and resistance to failure over time.

OEM Pultrusions Solutions for Long-term Partnerships

Pultron has extensive technical knowledge in pultrusion across a variety of competencies including:

  • material properties
  • manufacturing process technology
  • polymer chemistry
  • engineering
  • research and development
  • product development
  • intellectual property protection.

We also have a highly technical business development capability to interact with clients, comprehend their problems, and provide OEM solutions to their business partners. 

Need Advice on FRP Composite Technology? 

Tell us about your project and we can quickly establish whether a fiberglass composite solution is the best option for your project. You can contact us here.