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“Pultron is a composite solutions provider with success in technically difficult projects where high mechanical performance properties are required.”
Pete Renshaw
Business Development Director

FRP Composite Solutions and Product Development

Custom & OEM FRP Composite Solutions

GFRP composites are sought after for their physical advantages such as their corrosion-resistant and lightweight. 

We have worked across various industries in the last few decades, each with its own set of challenges, but GFRP composites can be customized. Factors like creep, flex, or stiffness come into play, as well as our finishing technologies which are a significant value-add for our customers. 

Continuous FRP Development

We run a program of product development with all OEM composite products. Through this program we work towards improvements that can reduce pricing, achieve faster production, and improve performance by:

  • optimizing resin formulations
  • increasing mechanical performance
  • automating manual processes
  • additional customized quality assurance practices
  • improvement in tailored equipment design.

Pultrusion Manufacturing for Mass Production

shear test for pultrusion

Fiberglass Composites prepared for shear testing

For the mass market, the pultrusion process is ideal for manufacturing products. We can monitor what goes into the pultrusion (resin and glass), and we do regular short beam shear tests.  Testing is done throughout the process to get a consistent product.

We have a multi-discipline, design-led engineering team that builds customized pultrusion equipment of the highest standard – delivering machinery that is fast and to exact specifications. 

Composite Materials Research

Established in 2001, the Composite Materials Research (CRM) Lab plays a critical role in all aspects of product development, quality testing, and resin optimization. They are continually working on matrix research. The matrix is the resin that binds fibers together by improving the matrix you can enhance the strength and overall performance of a product.

Download our pultrusion guide to discover the importance of having an on-site composite materials laboratory. 

Need advice on FRP composite technology?

Fiberglass composites are highly versatile but they are not always the best material solution for a custom application. We can quickly establish whether a fiberglass composite is the best material for your project, so get in touch.