“Pultron is a composite solution provider with success in technically difficult or complex FRP projects where high mechanical performance properties are required.”
Pete Renshaw
Business Development Director

How Vital are Ongoing Product Development Improvements?

It’s a cliché to say we’re never happy – we love what we do after all, but if we’re not putting in the time to improve our product we don’t feel we’ve done a good enough job for our customers. Through ongoing product development we know from experience we can deliver reduced pricing, faster production, and improved performance by:

  • optimizing resin formulations
  • increasing mechanical performance
  • automating manual processes
  • additional customized quality assurance practices
  • improvement in tailored equipment design.

What is a Composite Materials Research Laboratory?

Our composites can be tailormade to suit any application, thanks to a Composite Materials Research (CMR) team with a world-class laboratory facility dedicated to pultrusion performance. The CMR team has played a key role in delivering:

  • the highest level of quality management using advanced testing equipment
  • optimized bespoke resin formulations
  • further development of pultrusion process technology.

Why Design and Build our own Pultrusion Equipment?

We have a multi-discipline, design-led engineering team that builds customized equipment of the highest standard – delivering machinery that is fast and to exact specifications. This enables our engineering team to take on complex projects and develop smart solutions.

Are FRP Composite Solutions the Same for Every Customer?

We have worked across a range of industries in the last few decades, each with its own set of challenges, so every composite solution is unique. Factors like creep, flex, or stiffness come into play, as well as our finishing technologies which are a big value-add for our customers. To illustrate this point, take a look at the examples found here, from GFRP composite rods in snowmobiles to thru-rods and nut systems for harsh marine environments.