The structural support of the snowmobile tread is a critical component that impacts performance, durability, and safety in tough terrain.

The Challenge

For years, steel was used in snowmobile tracks and eventually, that same material would break. Not a great thing to happen to a snowmobile driver doing 150mph in the wilderness, miles from anywhere. Composites were tried but they were sub-standard and fared little better. Our client needed a GFRP composite profile with the ability to flex and bend back to shape when under extreme strain.

The Solution

Pultron's solution was a D-shaped composite rod with a unique resin formulation to give ultra-high shear, exceptionally high flex and fatigue, and a specialized fine end-bevel finish. The result was a snowmobile tread support with greater durability and lower maintenance requirements, as well as faster and quieter operation – a considerably superior experience for the end user. Our unique finishing process, which we created for this project, enabled low-cost mass production.


Composite Profile:

  • D-shaped rod with a fine end-bevel finish.


  • Steel structural support in the snowmobile tread.


  • Optimized resin formulation with ultra-high shear.
  • Ultra-high flex and fatigue capacity.
  • Extremely high flexural and fatigue resistance.

Additional Design Advantages

The snowmobile tracks with increased durability and reduced maintenance requirements, are faster and quieter – a better user experience for the end user by far. Developed specifically for this project, our new finishing technology allowed for mass production at low cost.