GFRP composite components for the infrastructure sector are designed for engineers and government agencies looking to achieve the best economic, performance, and environmental outcomes on their projects.

GFRP Composites Advantages in Civil Applications

With any new product development, it is often for two or three critical advantages that engineers and asset owners specify a non-metallic composite solution. These include:

  •   corrosion-resistance
  •   high chemical resistance
  •   high tensile strength (2x that of steel)
  •   lightweight (4 x lighter than steel).

These products are replacing traditional materials for projects in aggressive and highly corrosive environments to provide cost-effective and sustainable performance.

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Examples of Composite Development Projects for Infrastructure 

Our niche is developing round rods and small-cavity GFRP composites that are well-suited to the demands of infrastructure. 

Concrete Reinforcement for Heavy Load Applications
Developed over 30 years, Mateenbar™ is considered the world’s leading composite rebar. Mateenbar™ is a cost-effective reinforcement solution that delivers lasting and sustainable structures.

It is compliant with current engineering standards and has achieved approvals from Saudi AramcoOwens Corning, and many North American transportation departments including the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Florida Department of Transportation. 

Mateenbar™ is manufactured in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand. To learn more visit:

Pavements, Approach Slabs, and Jointed Concrete
Composite dowels provide the longest life cycle of any dowel type. We developed RapidWork™ Dowel – a corrosion-resistant joint system designed to provide excellent load transfer across expansion joints between slabs. RapidWork™ requires no greasing or other preparation methods and, importantly, will never corrode.

Projects, where the dowels are used, include the Port of Rotterdam Container Terminal in the Netherlands and the Interstate 84 upgrade in Idaho, USA.

Mines and Tunnels
One-Step Composite Rock Bolt System: a hollow rock bolt system provides high resistance to shock loading and outstanding torsional and shear strength.

Houses and Buildings
We developed a Nirvana Pin that is used in concrete sandwich panels. The composite pin provides excellent energy efficiency (the thermal conductivity of GFRP composites is only 1% that of steel), high shear strength, and excellent durability. 

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