GFRP composites can save labor costs and increase productivity on farms, orchards, and vineyards.

Glass-fiber plastics have a range of outstanding advantages – particularly when these are matched with customized properties such as high flex and fatigue, tailored modulus of elasticity, or a special finish. We can develop a component that is fit for your purpose. 

GFRP composites can be used in challenging environments where other materials deteriorate. They are ideal in applications that are regularly exposed to water, salt, and chemicals.

GFRP Composites Advantages for Farming & Agriculture

Improving efficiency to save time and labor impacts the bottom line. Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) composites offer distinct advantages that enhance cost savings throughout their life cycle and deliver improved sustainable outcomes compared to traditional materials like steel, timber, and aluminum including:

  • corrosion-resistance
  • lightweight (lighter than aluminum and 4x lighter than steel)
  • easy to cut and install
  • high chemical resistance
  • high durability (100 years retention of strength in corrosive environments).

Examples of Composite Development Projects for Farming & Agriculture

The Original Fiberglass Electric Fencepost System

Farmer and Pultron co-founder, Dr Peter Holdsworth invented the first-ever fiberglass electric fencepost and patented clip system (pictured) in 1982. The electric fiberglass fencepost system was durable and lightweight, making hill country grazing and installing temporary fencing a quicker task for farmers. It was the first of many pultrusion products we developed for the farming and agricultural sector.

Grape Harvester Shaker System Component

We developed a GFRP rod to replace a manufacturer-supplied rod that was prone to breaking during harvest season. Read the full story here: Composite Polymer Rod a Winner at Grape Harvesting Season

Stock Sticks

Strong, light, and fitted with a rubber grip. They are also used as walking poles by trampers.

Elephant Fencing

The declining range of their natural habitats has put elephants and farmers in conflict for many years, with many elephants being shot and killed. Pultron developed super-sized electric fences to keep elephants away from palm-oil plantations to help the conservation effort in Southeast Asia.

Concrete Reinforcement

Mateenbar™ concrete reinforcement is used widely in agriculture applications including dairy farm washdowns, silos, and fertilizer plants.

Interested in a Composite Solution or an R&D Development Partner? 

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