About us

Pioneering smart alternatives for structural materials

Established in 1983, Pultron Composites Limited, is a leading global industrial technology company specializing in the development and manufacture of high-performance fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites using the pultrusion process. With over 36 years of product development, and a focus on innovation and service, we have cultivated a diverse and loyal customer base. Pultron currently offers over 40 products to more than 100 customers in 20 countries. 

Pultruded profiles are valued for their unique performance properties including: high strength-to-weight ratio; light weight; corrosion-resistance; non-conductive; electromagnetic transparency; non-magnetic; energy storage capacity; sustained mechanical properties at low temperatures; dimensional stability and aesthetics.

We have developed over 45 new applications and technologies across a wide range of industries, including products serving recreation, agriculture, mining, construction, marine, electrical and industrial markets. 

Pultron is a solutions provider with a reputation for success in technically difficult or complex FRP projects. We specialize in the design and post-processing of round rods and small-cavity pultrusions. To provide comprehensive solutions for our customers, we apply our extensive technical expertise in pultrusion technology including:

  • composite materials research
  • product development
  • post-processing/finishing
  • manufacturing process technology
  • design engineering
  • project management
  • technical business development.

Pultrusion industry in upward growth

Pultruded profiles represent a fast-growing subset of the broader composites industry. Globally, it is estimated to be a USD $1.5 billion market, with 5-6% annual growth ~2x world GDP. A relatively 'young' industry when compared to steel or timber, the global composite market is experiencing strong growth, with an elevated growth projection over the next five years. This is due, in part, to advances in composite technology over the last three decades. 

With increased expectations and performance demands in markets, more companies are reassessing their use of traditional materials and are looking to a pultruded composite solution for competitive pricing and performance benefits. Pultruded profiles offer a unique combination of technical properties with extremely high durability to meet this challenge and are displacing traditional materials in numerous applications.  

Our commitment to the pultrusion industry

From GFRP rebar reinforced bridges to high flexural composite rods in trampolines – pultruded composites are becoming part of our everyday lives.

An accelerated shift towards using pultruded composite technology, comes with a responsibility to help the industry develop strong processes to ensure safety and quality standards are followed by manufacturers worldwide. We work directly with industry standard committees and government agencies to ensure the industry is bound by a robust code of practice and design standards.