Pultron Composites signs Geosynthetic Partners Ltd as NZ distributor of Mateenbar™

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As the call for sustainability increases, traditional materials such as coated steel are no longer viewed as the most cost-effective option.

Pultron Composites Ltd is pleased to announce Geosynthetic Partners International Ltd (GPIL) as its new partner and authorized distributor of Mateenbar™ in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Mateenbar™ is a composite glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) rebar. Using Mateenbar™ as an alternative reinforcement to steel eliminates the risk of corrosion and associated costs incurred through maintenance and reduced asset lifespan. It is highly durable, corrosion-free, delivers excellent whole-of-life savings, and provides a superior reinforcement solution for structural and civil engineers seeking to create corrosion-free infrastructure. Standard approval and procurement processes are the same as for traditional construction materials; this makes it simple for engineers to make the change from traditional rebar to composite rebar. 

Pultron manufactures Mateenbar™ in its Gisborne facility for the Oceania region. The use of Mateenbar™ is gaining momentum locally, as engineers discover the advantages of advanced composite materials. As the call for sustainability increases, traditional materials such as coated steel are no longer viewed as the most cost-effective option. Mateenbar™ is used in a number of high profile projects worldwide including the Grand Paris Metro in France, Rotterdam Ports upgrade in The Netherlands, and locally, the Kaikoura post-earthquake rebuild.

“The GPIL team is excited to be working with Pultron on showcasing Mateenbar™ in NZ and the Pacific Islands. While there has been some awareness and use of Mateenbar domestically, our focus will be on driving awareness in the local engineering community. We believe the increased knowledge and use of Mateenbar™ will ultimately benefit both private and public asset owner investments,” says Chris Brockliss, GPIL Managing Director.

Pultron Composites manufactures Mateenbar™, Mateendowel™, and GFRP rock bolts at its Gisborne facility which will be available through GPIL. Pultron is currently expanding its Gisborne manufacturing facility by 30% to meet the increased demand.

“We’re excited to be working with Geosynthetic Partners. GPIL Managing Director, Chris Brockliss, who has extensive experience in structural reinforcement and geosynthetics will be driving awareness of our fastest growing product, Mateenbar™ in the local market,” states Jasper Holdsworth, Pultron CEO. “There is a significant tailwind for composite reinforcement and the list of applications and industries served by Mateenbar™ is now long. Improvements in technology, manufacturing efficiencies, and industry scale are also translating into lower unit costs improving both upfront project costs and cost of life economic arguments which is further driving demand.”

Chris Brockliss, GPIL Managing Director outside Pultron's head office