Pultron Composites Signs Strategic Alliance with US Fortune 500 Company, Owens Corning

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The collaboration with Owens Corning will drive new sales and increase awareness of fiberglass rebar technology.

Pultron Composites is delighted to announce the signing of a strategic alliance with US Fortune 500 company, Owens Corning as the sole distributor of MATEENBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar in North America.

Pultron set up Mateenbar Limited as a separate company in 2020 and continues to be a majority owner and key R&D and technology partner to Mateenbar, supplying specialist equipment, technical expertise, and research and development.

MATEENBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar is a more durable alternative to steel rebar.  Rebar refers to the bars that are used to provide additional support to reinforced concrete structures widely used in civil infrastructure projects.

The demand for sustainable infrastructure is increasing, as civil engineers and government agencies are seeking new technologies to achieve longer-lasting and carbon-friendly infrastructure. Mateenbar™ provides the answer – a highly durable rebar that eliminates the risk of corrosion, extends infrastructure life cycles, and reduces maintenance costs, even when used in highly corrosive environments. It is better for the environment and the public purse.

Owens Corning is a world leader in fiberglass composites and a key figure in the building and infrastructure industry. The collaboration with Owens Corning will drive new sales and increase awareness of fiberglass rebar technology.

Mateenbar USA Inc. will produce Mateenbar™ Fiberglas™ Rebar exclusively for Owens Corning for the United States, Canada, and Mexico from Mateenbar’s all-new manufacturing facility in North Carolina (USA). The North Carolina factory is a 110,000sq ft site fitted out with state-of-the-art pultrusion manufacturing equipment designed and engineered by Pultron.

Mateenbar™ has been used in major construction projects worldwide and certified in over 2,500 independent, 3rd party lab tests. As a result of Mateenbar’s global expansion, Pultron has increased staff numbers by 30% in the last year. Pultron continues to manufacture Mateenbar™ for the Oceania market and is experiencing growing interest from this region.

The President of Owens Corning Composites, Marcio Sandri, said: “Mateenbar Limited has built a powerful product leadership position in the global concrete reinforcement market and we are proud to bring this world-class product to the United States and federal and state departments of transportation, to enable more durable and longer lasting concrete structures.”

Pultron CEO, Jasper Holdsworth states, “Owens Corning’s deep application knowledge in this emerging market, together with the high-volume fiberglass rebar and post-processing technologies that we use to make Mateenbar™, will be a tremendous combination. We are excited to be working with such an iconic company with an outstanding international reputation.”