Over the last 40 years, our composite profiles have found their way into all kinds of industry applications. Here are some unique projects we have been involved in over the years.

Industrial and Structural Safety

Production of Ladder Parts for the Electrical Industry (1984): Pultron developed a pultruded ladder part with electrical insulation properties.

First Development of Composite Rockbolts (1985): As a mining safety solution, Pultron designed cuttable pultruded rockbolts.

HDPE Rockbolt (1992): Created a flexible rockbolt from High-Density Polyethylene for mining applications.

Point Anchor Style Rockbolt (1994): Manufactured point anchor rockbolts for temporary coal mine support systems.

Geo-mesh Pins (2006): Pultruded rods used as corrosion-resistant pins for securing geo-mesh in unstable slopes.

Pultruded Gratings (1993): Produced chemically resistant pultruded gratings for industrial plant flooring at chemical processing plants.

Locator Rods for MRI Scanners (2000): Pultruded rods have the advantage of being electromagnetically transparent, making them ideal as “Locator Rods” to position items within MRI scanners without interference to highly sensitive equipment.

GFRP Rebar for Foundations and Floor of New Building (1994): Used GFRP rebar in the concrete foundations and floor of a new building. composite reinforcement in buildings.

Insulated Work Platforms (2005): Manufactured insulated work platforms for truck-mounted elevated work platforms used in high voltage power line maintenance.

Reinforcing Toggles (2002): Developed a pultruded reinforcing toggles for large retaining wall panel supports in the Middle East market.


Computer Monitor Stands (2001): Developed composite springs for adjustable monitor stands, winning the supply contract. SEO: pultruded monitor stand components, composite springs for monitors.

Composites in the Arts

At the Movies (2001): Supplied rods to Weta Workshops for structural support in film costumes and composite support props.

Kinetic Art (2001): Pultruded rods used in kinetic art for the "Pacific Grass" sculpture near Wellington International Airport.

World Of Wearable Arts (2003): Designers competing and displaying at the World Of Wearable Arts Awards use Pultron’s small diameter rods as internal structural elements to their works

Emerging Man ‘The Giant’ sculpture (2021): The 'Emerging Man' sculpture in Abu Dhabi was reinforced with Mateenbar™, showcasing the use of GFRP as a resilient underwater sculpture reinforcement.

Americas Cup Syndicates

America’s Cup Testing (2003, 2007, 2013): Pultron's CMR lab tested boat hull samples for America’s Cup teams, ensuring composite hull strength.

Lofting Battens for Allinghi (2009): Supplied lofting battens for Swiss contenders Allinghi, supporting the development of their competition yachts.

Lofting Battens for Team NZ and Luna Rosa (2012): Provided tall lofting battens for Team New Zealand and Luna Rosa syndicates to achieve optimal sail cuts perfect

Research in Antarctica

Marker Posts (1995): Supplied marker posts to Scott Base in Antarctica, demonstrating durability in harsh conditions. After spending a winter in Antarctica some of the posts were returned to Pultron for testing; no degradation could be detected.

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