Exceptional resistance in water and saline conditions, they will never rust or leach. 



Approximately ΒΌ weight steel and 70% that of aluminum. 


Low Cost

GFRP composites offer long life-cycles and excellent whole-of-life savings. 


High Chemical Resistance

Exceptionally resistant to chemicals including acids, alkalis, wastewater and salt water. 



No interference to sensitive magnetic apparatus such as compass calibration areas or MRI scanners. 


Non-electrically Conductive

Often used in components where electric currents and electromagnetic fields can cause problems for conductive materials. 


Low Thermal Conductivity

Low thermal conductivity properties and ideal for when thermal insulation is advantageous. 


Easy to Cut and Install

GFRP composites can easily be cut on site with a steel/band saw or a grinder with a diamond blade. Ideal to reinforce softeyes in tunnels. 


Low Environmental Impact

GFRP composites have a 15% lower carbon footprint than steel (comparison based on the manufacture of steel)


Dimensional Stability

Coefficient of thermal expansion is less than steel and aluminum. 


Highly Durable

More than 100 years retention of strength in corrosive environments.