Pete Renshaw appointed Vice-Chairman of the FRP Rebar Manufacturers Council in North America

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It’s exciting to be part of a solution that will deliver corrosion-free infrastructure and longer life-cycles in the future.

The FRP Rebar Manufacturers Council (FRP-RMC), based in North America, has elected Pete Renshaw as its new Vice Chairman.

FRP-RMC is a branch of the American Composites Manufacturers Association. It is dedicated to opening up new markets and expanding composite use by promoting innovation and educating industry professionals on the value of composites. The FRP-RMC works directly with the composite fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar industry, academia, and governments. The end goal is to establish industry standards and design codes in partnership with ACI and ASTM and promote the use of composite FRP rebar.

The FRP rebar industry is experiencing huge growth worldwide. Composite rebar technological developments, particularly in glass fiber-reinforced polymer rebar, are delivering increased performance and competitive pricing. This, along with a renewed focus on efforts to eliminate corrosion risk and provide sustainable structures, has seen composite rebar flourish in a market that was once dominated by coated steel products.

The use of composites in infrastructure is growing rapidly with products such as composite rebar, rock bolts, and form-ties opening up new opportunities within the sector.

“As design codes are being delivered, it has allowed engineers to take advantage of using composite rebar in critical infrastructure,” says Mr. Renshaw. “Corrosion in infrastructure is a major cost for governments and communities worldwide. It’s exciting to be part of a solution that will deliver corrosion-free infrastructure and longer life-cycles in the future.”

Mr. Renshaw is the Director of Business Development at Pultron Composites and serves as the Chief Technical Officer for Mateenbar Limited. With technology designed by Pultron Composites, Mateenbar Limited is a composite FRP rebar technology and manufacturing group specializing in manufacturing Mateenbar™ and Mateendowel™.

Mr. Renshaw has over 25 years' experience working with pultrusion technology and is considered one of the world's leading pultrusion experts. His work developing composite rebar has led to Mateenbar™ gaining approvals from the Florida Department of Transport and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in Canada. He serves on the ACI and ASTM committee, developing the standards for FRP rebar.